Arena Vip Tour Of The Colosseum

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Adult 18+ y.o.
Youth 6-17 y.o.

VIP Colosseum Arena Access Tour

Gain restricted access to the Colosseum arena floor with this exclusive experience. stand in the very place where the gladiators fought and allow our expert guides to unveil the gruesome history of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, sharing with you our enthusiasm and love for Ancient Rome.


After entering the Colosseum through a special entrance closed to the general public, you will then have access to the gladiator’s arena and experience the very best view the Colosseum has to offer.


Explore the first and second level of the Colosseum with one our expert historian guides. Learn where the Colosseum got its name, see where the emperors and senators sat and learn the bloody history of gladiatorial combat.


Discover the beauty of the Palatine Hill as you walk through the emperor’s palaces and enjoy stunning panoramic views. The guide will then take you into the Roman Forum, where you will learn the history of perhaps the most important archaeological site in the Roman Empire.

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